Pier 92

I have always had a place for daily meditation.   A place to consider my blessings, say thanks, and give thoughts and prayers for friends, family and humanity.  In my special place, I consider my dreams and obligations, and I plan the steps to draw me closer to them.   For many years, my special place has been the kitchen table in the early morning, by the window.

Although the setting has changed, I still have my table and a new window to inspire my thoughts.  Instead of a tall red oak and wooden fence, I now look out and ponder over Pier 92 on the Hudson river.  Some days I find it inspiring.

IMG_8542 7D EF70-300 smLife starts early on the Hudson and continues throughout the day.  There are tugs and water taxies, ferries and police vessels, cruise liners, dredging barges, sailboats and Kayaks.  The water flows right to left, north to south outside the window.  Sometimes I watch the people working on the river and wonder how it is to have an office that rolls downstream then pushes upstream.

IMG_8835 7D EF18-135 norweigen sm

Sunday, we spent the afternoon on pier 92.  From there the boats look larger, the breeze is stronger, the air is cooler, and the city feels more distant.  Recently a tall sail boat docked at our pier.  It has been there for about a week and is lit at night.  It adds class that the working boats cannot provide.  Across Pier 91 the Norwegian Gem is docked and two piers downstream is the Intrepid aircraft carrier.

IMG_9384 7D S17-70 smLife on the river is busy and rhythmic.  Sometimes I think about how the river would have looked to early settlers, with no piers, tugs, and no Jersey on the other side.  Other times I look across the Hudson and wonder who is sitting in those windows looking this way and pondering their day.IMG_9545 7D S17-70 EF24 border sm




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