Summer in the City

Summer has finally arrived in the City, this week the warm weather arrived.  With the rain replaced by bright blue skies, and the lure of warm afternoons we have spent the last couple of days walking the streets of New York.


We thought we would invite you to spend the day with us…

01 IMG_9757 7D trevor walking
Trevor Noah on 52nd Street

The morning started with a surprise guest appearance.  We met Trevor Noah walking along our street.  With a quick double take, my camera was slow to catch it, but at least we got the silhouette.


A few blocks down the street is the fruit stand.  These are always appealing and are particularly inviting in the morning hours.

02 IMG_9865 7D fruitstand

We started our journey down 8th Avenue toward 34th street.  This is a really busy area, with shops and restaurants sharing the sidewalks. At 34th, Madison Square Garden sits on top of Penn Station.  We made our way through the hordes of tourists to K-Mart to pick up some toothpaste and air freshener.

03 IMG_9773 7D empire 34th penn
Penn Station, Empire State Building

With our purchases tucked inside our backpack, we turn north along 7th Avenue, also called Fashion Avenue.  This is in the garment district.  The long racks are no longer pushed along the street as they are in the movies, but there is still a distinct presence here.  You can see the fabric bolts and hanging garments in the windows of this building.


04 IMG_9780 7D garment district
Garment District

By now it is mid-afternoon and we are surrounded by tourists as we weave through Times Square.  We usually avoid the crowds by crossing on the lower streets, but today we braved the crowded sidewalks.  We were rewarded by getting a seat at an open wrestling match in the center of Times Square.  We didn’t stick around long enough to catch the names of the grapplers.

Not far north of Times Square is Central Park. This is one of our favorite places to kill time, and we need a place to rest.


We encounter a street musician, performing for tips…

08 IMG_0031 7D street musician

09 IMG_1445 ballerina in the park



a ballerina who danced around Columbus Circle…






and stunts performed on bicycles.

11 IMG_9958 7D bicycle stunts

At the end of the day we return home down 10th Avenue, followed by the horses and carriages that work all day in Central Park.  They have a stable on 52nd street in a building that looks like an old fire station.

13 IMG_9867 7D carriages on 10th avenue

14 IMG_0071 7D sun setting on 57th street


The sun is setting over the Hudson as we pass 57th and 10th avenue.




At the end of the day the Avalon stands tall, welcoming us home after a very long walk.  Our feet are tired.

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  1. morning! finally found a minute to write to you all – it looks like you both are continuing to have a wonderful adventure!!!! awesome!
    i was thinking….at this rate, you guys may never make it out of the City into Washington DC and surrounding areas, because there are so much INTERESTING activities and sights there where you are! and actually, that is not a bad thing. so happy that you are turning over every stone, so to speak, and enjoying where you are each day. it’s kind of a crazy deal – i know that when i visit NYC, “things just happen” without planning…you run into so many cool events and places, that you just have to stop and soak it all in. many opportunities never come up again, so you just have to go with the flow and enjoy where you are at any given time. i continue to just be so happy and excited for you.
    hearing about the weather….ha ha – july 3-10 might be a cooker….but, no worries….can’t do anything about the weather. i am sincerely looking forward to sharing some time with you on the 4th and the baseball game…. : ) hotdogs, here we come! : ) well, carry on, garth!

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