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We took a trip to Queens, the Astoria section.  It’s the upper northwest part of the borough.  This area is world renown for graffiti.  JAM has become a really big fan of graffiti and she had to see it.  We were so blown away that this is going to be a picture post.  Because…. pictures speak a thousand words. Enjoy!

20170905 IMG_9408 CR wellington court SMALLWelling Court in Astoria is known for its street art. In June of this year, the best of street artists around the world gathered to continue their work on the Welling Court Mural Project.

20170905 IMG_9325 CR Money fish SMALL
Money Fish by Free5.nyc Dominican born, NYC raised artist. Also created a series of street sculptures from empty spray cans.


The project began when members of the community invited Ad Hoc (a well known street artist) for a vision to beautify their neighborhood.  Having the neighborhood support, the project began in December 2009 and has continued.  This was their 9th meeting.


The Welling Court Mural Project is one of the best collections of contemporary street culture on earth, all within this hidden in this small neighborhood in Astoria, near the banks of the East River.  Everything is free, open to the public, and part of a working neighborhood.



Muckrock   (featured at top) is  a LA/NYC spray artist was commissioned to create a graffiti wall on the subject of “Big Money”. Overnight her masterpiece was “graffitied” by local artists who considered this to be their rightful canvas.

20170905 IMG_9330 CR DEK2DX SMALL



20170905 IMG_9334 CR Eagle -unk SMALL
Artist Unknown

Artists often sign their work with a cover name or remain anonomous.


20170905 IMG_9337 CR chris rwk SMALL
Chris RWK

RWK (Robots will Kill) is a well known artist  – RWK20170905 IMG_9339 CR CHRISTOPHER CARDINALE SMALL

Christopher Cardinale

Graphic novelist and muralist. He grew up in five states from Ohio to New Mexico.  His work addresses such diverse themes as labor organizing history, cyclist and pedestrian rights, post-Katrina New Orleans and his experiences working in the jail at Rikers Island.




Germs Topaz is a leader among aerosol artists and was an organizer of the reknown, but now demolished 5 Pointz in Queens.

20170905 IMG_9343 CR soria and evansSMALLS
Marc Evans and Chris Soria

Marc Evans is a Brooklyn based artist, illustrator, designer.

Chris Soria Chris Soria is a visual artist, illustrator, and professional creative who works in traditional, digital, and mixed-media.

20170905 IMG_9346 CR chris hooker SMALLS
Chris Hooker Artist, Human Rights Activist for True Democracy.

Chris Hooker

20170905 IMG_9347 CR eyez SMALLS

Bees are Sacred by Peat EYEZ Wollaeger


20170905 IMG_9348 CR brian life SMALLS

Brian Life http://www.brianlifeart.com/


20170905 IMG_9350 CR eelco SMALLS

I am EELCO from the Netherlands

20170905 IMG_9356 CR Lioness and Dandelions SMALL

Dgaleart lionness and @jennamorello ‘s dandelions at Welling Court and Main st in Astoria.


20170905 IMG_9366 CR buff monster SMALLS

Buff Monster typically produces art in bright colors, bold lines and funny characters. For the past 15 years has has painted curated murals all over the world, reportedly  with some of the most recognizable brands, such as Disney, Converse, Hello Kitty, Samsung, Nike and Coca-Cola.

Buff Monster website

20170905 IMG_9385 CR too fly SMALLSMaria “TOOFLY” Castillo

Toofly attended the School of Visual Arts (SVA) and is active in the hip hop community, which she considers to be her roots.  Her art and design work have appeared in various books, video, and magazines, including Marie Claire. Maria Toofly


20170905 IMG_9374 CR UNK SMALL

Dennis Bauser, a.k.a. SINNED, is a painter, carpenter and illustrator who has lived in NYC since 1993.  http://sinnednyc.com/about/

20170905 IMG_9386 CR sinned SMALL

20170905 IMG_9351 CR kork 93 SMALLS


20170905 IMG_9365 CR great again SMALL

20170905 IMG_9440 CR noah xarts SMALLS



20170905 IMG_9422 CR im watching you SMALLS



20170905 IMG_9342 CR KA-TVT SMALLS

Artist and designer Jamie HEF


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