Urban Wildlife

It may not be what you were thinking, or perhaps hoping for.

This past week we met up with Keith and Walter at Christopher street along the Hudson River. They volunteer their time to support the Hudson River Park and to help others learn to love the park as much as they do.

It may seem odd to take a nature walk in such a place as Manhattan, but as these gentlemen pointed out, nature abounds and adapts – even in Manhattan.

20170827 7D IMG_2189.JPG 7D sunflowers.jpg

Along our walk we observed Monarch butterflies and learned that 4 generations pass during a single migration cycle.  We saw birds, native to this area as well as those that were introduced from Europe.

20170827 7D IMG_2155.JPG 7D butterflies

The park is filled with beautiful plantings, both native and introduced.

We listened to the cicadas, found their skins and discussed the difference between a cicada and a locust (I had always thought they were the same).

20170827 7D IMG_2158.JPG 7D cicada.jpg

Along the way we watched the sun elevate over the Hudson as the morning ships began their busy routes.  We continued our nature walk as we returned home via the  Chelsea Highline.

20170827 7D IMG_2215.JPG 7D chelsea Highline

It was a perfect morning and a perfect day for meeting New Yorkers.

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  1. Sounds like a great way to spend the day – you both are such New Yorkers, loving and living your life – and your dream. Nice. Really nice. And so blessed. Xxox

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