La Guli

Jerrys friend Chris offered a recommendation when he heard we were headed to Queens to chase graffiti art.  He said we would thank him when we were over hating him.  We had to see what he meant by that.  The place was LaGuli Pastry shop on Ditmars in Astoria, just steps away from the end of the N train Astoria/Ditmars station.

IMG_5759 la gulis

LaGuli is a small fairy tale looking pastry shop.  Walking in is like entering a Willie Wonka world.  One wall is lined with refrigerated coolers filled with colorful cakes iced with rainbow colors, kiddie cartoon characters and football helmets.

IMG_2486 gulis

On the other side are glass display counters full of pastries.  Biscotti’s, cannoli’s, turnovers, cookies.  If it’s a pastry, you would find it in the cases.  Some covered with chocolate, some filled with raspberries and powdered sugar covering everything.



We came in to spoil our appetite for lunch and paraded the length of the counters back and forth checking out all the goodies.  We finally decided.


I chose the Strawberry shortcake and Jam picked a chocolate cream puff and spumoni.  It must have been 2,000 calories.

20170905 IMG_9465 CR Guili Girls


Loria is a cute young lady working at the shop.  We had a really good conversation as she was guiding us through the choices of cookies we were getting to take home with us.   She was fascinated when she discovered we are from Texas and what we are doing.  She has lived in New York all her life and has not taken the opportunity to appreciate all there is to do in New York City.  Like most young people, she wants to escape. She wants to escape New York and would love to go to Texas.


As I picked up the boxes of cookies she had packed, I invited her to visit Texas and assured her she would love it.  I realized I got carried away picking out cookies when Loria said, “That will be $13.48”!

Thank you Chris!



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