ESPN Game Day in Times Square

The nearest college football game is 523 miles away.  Well, a game with a significant team (Ohio State)   playing.  But that didn’t dampen the excitement or the size of the crowd here. ESPN’s Game Day came to Times Square this morning.  We jumped up and took off to see Kirk and Corso, the other two... Continue Reading →

Joyce’s Take

Our dear friend Joyce came to visit this past week.  We had some great times together and invited her to write an entry for this blog.  Here are her observations.  Enjoy. I arrived on July 3 and met up with Tip and Jerry after getting settled into my hotel, about 6 blocks from their home. We... Continue Reading →

Ya Can’t Miss This!

Times Square is probably the one image that comes to mind when thinking of New York City.  The shoulder to shoulder sidewalk traffic, the bumper to bumper street traffic full of yellow cabs with constantly blaring horns, the huge stories-high neon signs and video screens advertising the Broadway shows, the iconic wedge shaped building where... Continue Reading →

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