Showtime at the Apollo

My introduction was through James Brown and the Famous Flames.  An album was released in the early 60’s, titled “Live at the Apollo” and the Godfather of Soul splashed right into the middle of the exploding young American music scene. I remember the Buddy Holly movie when Holly and the Crickets were booked into the... Continue Reading →

Oooh….. Ahhh……Ohhhhh!

We had a list of things we felt were obligatory for anyone spending only a year in NYC. 4th of July fireworks, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and New Year’s Eve in Times Square. One down.  We will decide on the others later. This week Joyce Wright, a dear friend is visiting us from the Metroplex. ... Continue Reading →

Ya Can’t Miss This!

Times Square is probably the one image that comes to mind when thinking of New York City.  The shoulder to shoulder sidewalk traffic, the bumper to bumper street traffic full of yellow cabs with constantly blaring horns, the huge stories-high neon signs and video screens advertising the Broadway shows, the iconic wedge shaped building where... Continue Reading →

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