The Journey

March 9, 2017

This adventure started almost a week ago (March 3) when we closed on the house and left the Metroplex.  We took off on the 3rd and drove to Shreveport, LA.  We then made it to Montgomery AL.  There we spent an extra day with the kids, Cody and Courtney.  We said good-bye to Kiamichi and left her in Alabama.  We drove across 13 states and into New Jersey.

This morning, we drove into Manhattan, coming through the Lincoln Tunnel.  This is the tunnel Chris Christie shut this down for political reasons.   He should be dragged naked into a briar patch and beaten.  It took two hours of bumper to bumper traffic to make about 9 miles, but we made it through and ended up driving in midtown Manhattan in our trusty box truck.

We met up with the movers and off loaded the truck.  We got all of our earthly possessions packed into the apartment and bid farewell to the helpers.

We were standing waist deep in boxes in the cramped quarters.  I looked at Jerry and she looked at me and we started laughing…..We made it to New York!

8 thoughts on “The Journey

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  1. Love you both – love this writing. Such an awesome adventure!!! Looking forward to your next update.
    Tell Jerry that when you two complete this adventure, you can combine your writings with her pictures in a Shutterfly ( ; ) ) photo book! I’ll provide the coupon. ; ). Xxox

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  2. So awesome you did all this moving while I was in China. Never signed up for a blog before . Hope you get this and my best wishes too. Now to make some flight reservations:-)

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    1. It’s a 3 and a half hour drive up to the Hall, but if I’m in the neighborhood, I’ll get you a baseball, a hat or a T shirt or something!


    1. We are having a great time. Thanks for checking out the blog. This is kinda fun, too. When we get back, we’ll have to get together with Jack again and have a check-in with everyone


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