Sidewalk Dining

When the sun decides to settle and go down somewhere over the Hudson and behind New Jersey, an entirely different City awakens here and comes to life.  Narrow tree-lined streets with narrow uneven sidewalks weave through a maze of restaurants, chophouses and cafes from 8th Ave eastward toward Broadway and the Theater District along 46th and neighboring streets.cara mia

The eateries represent about every continent, every country, and every culinary taste.  The trees along the street and the canopy’s of the cafes are lit up with strands of tiny lights.  The lights reflecting on the highly polished shiny black cars quietly, slowly rolling down the streets giving everything a twinkle along their way.

These restaurants are small, maybe even micro.  Some have tables for only about 8 people.  The café size doesn’t affect the ambiance, quality or presentation of the menu.  Most have tables coming out onto the sidewalk.  Others have large doors that raise, opening the entire café to the sidewalk feel.  Conversations, laughter and cultural music spill out into the street making everyone walking by appear to be dancing.

To get a taste of New York, either before the show or after the show, stroll down these sidewalks, stop to gaze over the menus, catch a whiff of the cooking meats and pause to enjoy a meal a real New York way.

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