We Are Easily Amused

We are easily amused.  When we run out of our weekly allowance, or when our feet are too tired from our long walks, we sit and look out the windows.  It is a small apartment so two windows are all we have room for.  One looks to the west, across the Hudson River and in to New Jersey.  That view is filled with all varieties of boats and river activity.

At a right angle to the West Window, is the North Window.  It looks out on the growth that is transforming this area from the days of West Side Story to Modern apartments.  The transformation is what we find amusing.

Across the street they are completing a building about 15 stories high.  It is one of the shorter new buildings, and is mostly complete.  We have been watching them finalize the deck.  They are building flower boxes.

Further to the west we have been watching construction workers place the metal frame of the next new high rise.  It is amazing how men who appear the size of June bugs are able to place giant girders into place like Tinker Toys.

This morning we watched as 4 men placed an I-beam that swung from a tall crane while a dozen or so men worked and watched from below.  Just another day at the office with their lives on the line.

From inside our window, Tip and I offer suggestions.  It is a shame they can’t hear us, I’m sure they would love to hear what we have to say.

Notes about the photos:  Top of page – this is a view north and west.  You can see the tall black crane in the upper left corner.

IMG_8800 7D construction 2
A Closer Look:  See the guys on the beams!
IMG_8794 7D construction 3
This Guy Catches the I-Beam and fastens it to the vertical beam
IMG_8796 7D construction close up
You Couldn’t Pay Me to Do This!

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  1. Being easily amused among such wonderment allows us readers to appreciate our own windows. I love your “magical” perspective even in the mundane. I have so many windows and only began to look out of them when we opened the blinds to “stage” the house. Your writing is inspiring my next adventure. Such a gift.

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