The President Show

There are several studios throughout Hell’s Kitchen and a few of them are nearby our apartment.  The Daily Show with Trevor Noah is about a half block from us.  There is a new show on Comedy Central debuting next week called “The President Show”.

We stumbled across this theater while we were walking around and saw some stagehands loading in equipment and setting out the awnings and signs at the studio on 54th Street.  It’s only 2 blocks away.  I went on line to find out what the show was about.  It’s a skit show very similar to Saturday Night Live with Donald Trump running the country.  Of course, it’s the fake Donald.

I filled out a request for tickets and we were selected to be in the audience for the taping of the second show.  First time to see a taping of a show.  We had seen the Live with Kelly show a couple of weeks ago, but it is completely different.  Here they had to stop to re-shoot a couple of the scenes because of blown lines.  With Kelly Ripa, blown lines went out on national TV.

In between the sets being rearranged, the Donald and the Mike Pence character would tell jokes, dance and generally screw around with the crowd.

If you get a chance to see a show, don’t rush in and grab a seat on the front row….all you will see is the cameramen’s butts and the cameras are in the way.  We sat on the back row.  Don’t sit there either.  You can’t see the monitors and the lights hanging from the rafters can get in the way.

This show is scheduled to premier April 27 on Comedy Central.  Some of it was funny, some clever, and some a little stupid, but entertaining overall. At least it was free.

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  1. great story!! think of you guys much!! will you get tickets to the chew? how many shows are taped in NY?take care and get roller skates!!! Cecil and Nona 817-428-4326 H817-308-0025 C 

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    1. Hey there Nona, glad you enjoyed the story. To your questions, we have applied for tickets to several shows, some are still pending. The shows are free. You apply for them then they notify you if you receive tickets. They offer more tickets than they have seats, so depending on the show, your tickets might not be confirmed until after your arrive.
      I doubt we will apply for the Chew. I think that one is pretty far down the list for Tip. 🙂
      No idea how many shows are taped here, but there are a lot. Some are main stream, some are cable channels, and there are internet only shows here as well. I doubt anyone has a list of all of them.


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