A Wild Hare…

One day last week we found ourselves on the balcony enjoying our morning coffee.  It was a hot, muggy August morning.  We watched the landscape guy below, trimming the median.  JAM commented, “I am really hating this August heat!”  We realized we had enough of the Texas summer.  We needed a break.

 Two hastily packed bags, a handful of travel brochures, one laptop, one camera and we were on our way.

With sketchy plans, not exactly sure where we were going and no reservations, we started driving west in the general direction of Santa Fe and Taos.


Along the way, we told stories we had both heard before, laughed at old jokes and marveled at the wide-open blue Texas sky. 

We tried to count the wind turbines scattered across the plains…

a line of thunderstorms travelled with us along the north horizon, an oil fire bellowed black smoke in the distant south

…and the western sky rewarded us with one its famous sunsets.


We remembered the importance of enjoying each other’s company, the excitement and thrill of impromptu outings and we asked ourselves, why did it take us so long.

2 thoughts on “A Wild Hare…

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  1. Tip and Jam I love your little impromptu trip. The pictures are
    a great illustration of your story, I betting there are many more impromptu trips. Keep on keeping on this is your time.

    Liked by 1 person

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