The City Different

Across the West Texas plains, over the buttes and around the canyons.  We watched the big open sky grow wider.  We drove through the front door of the American Southwest, and we were thrilled with what we found.

Welcome to Santa Fe.   Quaint.  Picturesque.  Historical.  Serene.  Artsy.  It is impossible to reduce a description of Santa Fe to one word.  It has earned the nickname, “The City Different”. “Wow!” would sum it up.

Adobe buildings and homes line the narrow streets bringing an old-world sense to the town and neighborhoods.  Large trees provide shade for the areas.  Everything and everybody seem relaxed.

Indian Market is the single biggest event of the year in Santa Fe.  It’s the largest Native American Art market in the world.  We were fortunate to come into town just as Indian Market 2019 was kicking off.  We were also fortunate to be able to find a hotel room.

The Santa Fe Plaza downtown was blocked off and streets were lined with booths of artisans selling their art, jewelry, turquoise and silver, weavings, clothing, hats, leather goods, stone etchings, and cutlery pieces.

The Palace of the Governors fronts the north side of the Plaza.  Native American artisans line the entire block selling their art, jewelry, silver and turquoise laid out on blankets.  They have been gathering here daily for the past 200 years.

Costumed dancers performed classic cultural dance from the drumbeats of native musicians.  Children in colorful native dress spin and dance in the streets calling for rain or driving out the evil spirits. 

Only a few blocks away are two ancient and mysterious churches.  San Miguel Chapel is regarded as the oldest Christian Church in America.  Built by Indian groups in 1610, it sits on an early Pueblo site dating back to 1300 CE.  And the Loretta Chapel, home of the famous staircase.

It was surprising to learn that Santa Fe is the 2nd oldest town in the United States.  Founded in 1610 it is second only to Saint Augustine, Florida which was founded in 1565.

No visit to Santa Fe is complete without spending time to take in the art.  An interesting mix of Southwest, native American, and contemporary styles are delicately mixed and displayed in over 250 galleries.   Don’t miss the Canyon Rd. gallery walk, a neighborhood dense in an eclectic collection of galleries.  Also, visit the smaller and more contemporary area known as Railyard and the interactive Meow Wolf.

Yes, Santa Fe is a town of history, serenity, art, architecture, festivals, and of mystery. 

 We love Santa Fe with all its charm, and we think you will too. Come visit.

We are looking for other interesting places to visit around the country.  Are there any places that you would suggest?  Let us know!

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