Tucumcari, Tonight

We really needed a ’57 T-Bird or a ’63 Corvette Stingray to do this right.    

We were 3 hours west of Amarillo and the Cadillac Ranch.  We were 3 hours east of Albuquerque.    On Interstate-40.  We were at the “Gateway to the West” and just two blocks away from yesteryear. 

We were getting our kicks on Route 66!

Just a few blocks North of I-40 in Tucumcari, New Mexico is a nearly intact portion of the famous American highway, Route 66, stretching a few miles, running parallel to the Interstate. Turning left onto the 66 strip, we immediately got the feeling of turning back time.  Old fashioned gas stations with old fashioned gas pumps sit seemingly ready to fill the gas tanks of travelers from a bygone era. 

The strip is lined with businesses that are open, brightly painted and dressed in neon lighting.  Many are no longer open for business, but have been restored, painted and maintained and are on full display.

Some of the more charming sites are the neon signs of the motels and other businesses lining the boulevard.  There are also many colorful murals on the sides of buildings on the strip.

Other tourists in cars and on motorcycles have stopped and are taking photos of this very picturesque open road museum.

We didn’t have a T-Bird or Corvette, we were driving a Mazda crossover, but that didn’t stop us.  We were just cruising up and down the boulevard and letting old Route 66 fill romantic dreams in our heads.

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