Fences Down, Open Range

Things we love about travel – Anticipation

March 2020.  Covid-19 swept through the world.  One by one, Italy, Spain, France, and everyone else closed their doors and the world shut down.  You may remember this.  It was a pretty big deal.

We had plans for some extensive travel but all that got shot all to…. heck.

Fast forward to May 2022.  Restrictions lifted, masks off and some of the most crowded places are in the world are the lines at airport counters.

JAM and I, revved up and ready to go.  If we were racehorses, the announcers would say we are fractious in the gate.  We haven’t exactly been patiently waiting.  Patience isn’t in the definition of anticipation.

We’ve been planning and researching and replanning and re-researching.   In our minds, we have taken all kinds of trips all over the world while our suitcases remain in the closet.  But this is 2022 and things are changing.

Anticipation is one the most stimulating elements of our trip planning.  Dreaming of places to go and wondering what we will find there.  Dreaming and wondering…two of our most exciting pastimes.

We pull out the travel books we have acquired, sight-seeing brochures we’ve collected, and maps and atlases and we begin our research study.   Immediately butterflies fill our tummies. 

And this is only the beginning.  The anticipation of what we will experience, what we will see, who we will meet, where we will be…

That’s why they call it adventure.  You just don’t know what you will find.

We thought we would share the top reasons we love travel. Watch for more to come.

What do YOU love about travel?

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  1. There’s nothing more humbling than seeing the wonders this world has to offer. We know that butterflies-in-the-tummy feeling well. We’re so excited to see where you’re headed and to follow along!


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