A Ride in Yesteryear

Lights flickered down the tunnel.  The rumble of the train got louder.  In an instant, a picture from another era emerged.  A vintage 1930’s era subway train rolled into the Second Avenue subway station at 63rd and Lex.  We had waited an hour and now we were getting ready to take a ride in yesteryear.... Continue Reading →

It Was Real, and It Was Spectacular

It was starting late, by Texas standards.  Curtain up at 10 pm.  My first thought was that I hope I don’t nod off.  JAM got tickets, and we were off!  Radio City Music Hall, a famous building in a city full of famous buildings.  The show?  The Rockettes Christmas Spectacular! We didn’t know what to... Continue Reading →

A Special Place

We all have them.  A favorite place we like to visit.  Not a whole city, but a tiny corner, a park bench or favorite coffee shop that somehow becomes our happy place.  This is where we go to think, to wonder, to relax, or just to be.   We have a favorite New York place. ... Continue Reading →

Some Days

Somedays, It Just Doesn’t Pay to Get Out of Bed! Many New Yorkers ask us the same question.  Often, the dialogue goes something like this: “Have you been to Governor’s Island?” “No, not yet but we plan to.” “You really need to go. It’s beautiful.” So we went.  And it was beautiful.  Little did I... Continue Reading →

Fall Came and Brought Her Colors

The chill comes unexpectedly, as if it is hidden in a summer breeze.  While it is difficult to describe, you know it when you feel it.  In that moment you know summer is dancing her swan song and winter is preparing for her debut. For me, those moments are filled with regret for the loss... Continue Reading →

Who Let the Dogs Out?

  Parade day arrived and the morning was spent getting ready.  All the contestants put on their best, favorite costumes.  They got their people awake, showered them, fed them, put them in their costumes and trotted on down to Tomkins Park. The crowd came, the judges judged and the puppies paraded their people around the... Continue Reading →

Yonah Schimmel’s Knishery

“When you get to New York, you’ve got to get a knish.”  Everybody we knew who had lived in this part of the country had offered this suggestion.  We filed it away and forgot about it. On our way to the Pickle Festival, we passed by the Yonah Shimmel Knish Bakery.  As we passed by,... Continue Reading →

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