A Night on Broadway – Miss Saigon

March 16:  Went to a Broadway musical tonight.  We went to the Broadway Theater. It was built in 1924 and has the old theater swag about it.  Arches, columns and chandeliers.  It was quite a venue.

We saw Miss Saigon.  Didn’t know what to expect, but definitely didn’t expect what we got.

It was an opera, the entire dialogue was in song.  Really touching story that ended tragically like most stories from the Vietnam War era.  Without commenting on the storyline so it won’t spoil anything for anybody, I will comment on the acting and the actors.  It is amazing, to me, the level of talent on Broadway.  These actors can sing incredibly, know how to wait for the laughs, and can evoke the emotions required for each scene.  If you get the opportunity, go see a live performance.

After the show, we walked home.  We walked out onto Broadway at 11 pm at about 53rd St.  We walked the short block to 52nd, and then the long blocks to 10th Avenue.  It’s a little odd feeling so safe in this town so late at night.

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