Lucky’s Famous Burgers

Lucky’s Burgers

Found a tiny burger place that has established a name for itself here in Manhattan.  Lucky’s Burgers, dressed in loud orange and yellow walls and ceilings, with giant happy faces throughout, seats about 17 on diner counter spinning stools and several small 2 seater tables.  You walk up to a counter to place your order.   Most people come in, order, get their burgers and leave.  We opted to dine in.  In the middle of a cold, rainy Saturday midafternoon, there were 4 Metro youths in one corner and 2 businessmen in another.

At the order counter, we chose our meat, Angus beef.  Jerry took the Buffalo burger, which had carrots.  I chose Lucky’s famous special sauce.  We split a huge order of fries.

Brian, the counter guy, spotted us as out of towners and asked where we were from.  He said he ID’d us as non-natives because of my John Deere hat.  Apparently, John Deere is not a Manhattan product!

Brian and the young lady were open and friendly, the place was clean and well-kept and the burgers were excellent.  Our TJAM ratings recommend Lucky’s for a quick burger when you’re out pounding these sidewalks.

TipIMG_8238_SX Luckys sm

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  1. Another great adventure. ; ).
    I just know that the year is going to fly by! Good for you to really live each day to the fullest!
    I’d have loved to have been a fly on the wall with the metros. ; ).

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