And we’re walkin’…….

We came to New York without a car.  We planned on using taxis, the subway and walking.  We have used taxis and we have used the subway….and we have walked and walked and walked.  We are logging between 9,500 and 12,000 steps each day.  That is 5-6 miles.

Today was chilly, about 49 degrees. It was raining, a day long drizzle.  Thank God, the wind was not blowing hard.  We put on our heavy coats, walking shoes, grabbed our umbrellas, and without thinking about it we took off.  We walked a mile and a half to a theater to see Beauty and the Beast and saw a 10 am showing.   (It was a really good movie!)

On our way back, we “walked” errands:  Stopped by the Drug store for a birthday card, went to the bank to get some pocket money, went to the post office to mail the card, the Cosmic Café for lunch, a produce market for vegetables and then home.  4 ½ miles later we were back.  I would never have thought about such an endeavor a month ago and it seems so normal now!

It will be interesting to see where this walking thing goes.  We’ll see.  All I can say is, “Man. My dogs are tired!”

IMG_3806Walkin in the rain sm

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    1. That hot dog was good…and it only cost $2. Almost as cheap as Dollar Dog Night at the ballpark, but the dog is better!


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