Chelsea Highline

IMG_7759_7D Highline 1 sm

Again, we took off walking south.  There is an elevated sidewalk, The High Line Park, that wanders through the tall buildings about 3-4 stories above the streets.  This is a linear park following what is left of an old elevated railroad line.  It is nicely landscaped and is full of tourists taking pictures of the architecture of the old buildings of the past.

The city has done a really nice job of taking something as ugly as an abandoned railroad and making it something beautiful.  It makes for an enjoyable walk.

Near the end of the Highline stands the original Nabisco Building.  This is where the Oreo cookie was invented.  Actually, the Oreo is a knock-off.  The Oreo was invented to compete with the Hydrox cookie, which was the best seller back in the day.

The building has been remodeled to have an upscale shopping area on the 1st floor having specialty eating establishments, confectionary vendors, jewelry and  pottery vendors and artsy clothing stores.

The floors above are the homes of the Food Network, YouTube and

It was a very interesting walk

IMG_7799_7D between the buildings smIMG_7768_7D building geom sm



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  1. Have not heard Hydrox since my grandmother past she always said there Hydroxs are in the pantry when you visited her…thx for triggering a fond memory 😎

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