Saturday In the Park

Saturday morning, we are sleeping in.  Snoozing listening to the morning news, and thinking about getting up to fix breakfast.  Coffee is already brewing.  The Saturday anchor is sharing small talk, mostly good things that are happening in the city.  Next story up he mentions an annual pillow fight at Washington Square in the afternoon.  Bring your own pillow, no feathers.

Tip and I look at each other.  Weren’t we just talking about spending the next warm afternoon in Washington Square?  Sure.  Let’s go!

We mapped out the best subway route (feeling skilled), packed up the camera, and left the pillows on the bed, and headed to the downtown C Line.  If you haven’t ridden the subway yet, coming off reminds me of being a groundhog.  You travel underground, losing direction.  The car stops, you get out and walk upstairs.  You see the outside light but have no idea what is out there.  You don’t know if you are facing south, east, or which street you are on.  So, Saturday we popped up on 4th street a couple of blocks from Washington square.  After trekking out the wrong direction, getting distracted by the interesting shops that line the street, we see a large bunny (Harvey?) and a couple of young adults carrying pillows.  We decide to follow them.

A large herd of people surround the now closed fountain in the center of the park.  There are more photographers than pillow fighters.  There are plenty of others there as well.  Some spectators, others there to support their cause, or to add to the color of the day.  One man was creating large bubbles for the kids to chase and they were obliging.

One might think that a pillow fight of 200 or so people might get out of hand.  Not so.  The fighters were laughing, the photogs were clicking, kids were screeching and everyone was having a great time.  Saturday in the park, you’d think it was the 4th of July.

(More photos in the gallery)


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