Who Doesn’t Love Food


Today we experienced Rachel Ray.  This was our third time to participate in a TV audience, and this one started off just like the others.  If you ever want to visit one of these, here is the drill:  You order tickets, and in a few days you learn if you have been accepted.  The studio sends instructions related to arrival times, what to wear and what items will or will not be allowed into the studio.

We arrive about an hour early, because even with a ticket, seats are not guaranteed.  After standing in line outside, numbers are assigned and the group is shuttled into an interior room.  Today we waited in line with two ladies from New Jersey. Adele is a hairdresser, her friend Nancy is a retired schoolteacher.  It is always fun to make new friends and to hear tales from other cities.  The more I hear the more I realize we are all the same, regardless of where we live.

It isn’t long until a funny guy comes out to teach the group how to laugh, sigh, clap in response to his signals. Today our funny guy was Joey Kola, he has a role in an upcoming comedy series – I couldn’t catch the name.  He told a few jokes then passed us off to interns who led us into the studio where we were seated.  Today we sat in the third row on the right aisle.  That’s screen left.

RR’s studio is larger than the ones we have previously seen and it had several beautiful sets that seemed more functional and realistic. Cameras and cell phones were not allowed under threat of being evicted so we don’t have photos to share.

The show started with a guest who had difficulty using the food processor.  It made for a funny start, not sure how much of that will survive editing.

Between segments is the best time to catch a more candid view of the star’s personalities.  During the pause, they interact with the audience, set directors, cameramen, makeup artists, etc.  I saw Rachel as a businesswoman, in control of the production.  Her wit and humor appeared to be natural and she continues to smile a lot even when she is moving people around.

After filling the studio with the wonderful aroma of corn pasta, Rachel Ray shot a short segment promoting improvements in school lunch programs, a cause that she politically supports.

Her final guest was Ashley Graham, a plus sized model who appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine, and who authored a book encouraging women to love the body they have.  We came away from the show with Rachel’s magazine, a coupon for clothing discounts, and a copy of Ashley Grahams book.  I plan to share one of our copies with someone dear to me and to whom this is also an important cause.

Today’s taping airs March 9th.

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