Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

JAM has been feeling ill the past few weeks.  She had come down with bronchitis.  It really slowed us down on the things we had planned.  She’s much better now and we are getting back to getting around town.

20171010 IMG_5278 7D Treee Reflections

Our first journey out was to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens (BBG) in the Prospect Park area.  Founded in 1910, the Botanical Gardens is a museum of living plants.  There are more than 12,000 species of plants in the 52 acre garden and almost all are labeled as to what they are.

20171010 IMG_5212 7D Butterfly in the Garden

I wasn’t all that excited about this destination, but JAM was really pumped up for it.  Not only was she getting back out after a week of being an apartment prisoner, but she loves flowers and plants and all the stuff the BBG was full of.

20171010 IMG_5260 7D Purple Mimosa

The administrative complex holds the library and the Steinhardt Conservatory.  These halls are available to the public wishing to study all things botanical.

20171010 IMG_5182 7D Palm House

20171010 IMG_5254 7D RichardWe took the afternoon tour offered by the Gardens.  We were fortunate to meet Richard, our tour guide for the afternoon.  This guy knew his botanicals.  He led us through the Magnolia Plaza, annual border, perennial border, and the water lily terrace.  In the fragrance garden, he explained the role of the fragrances of some plants and in the Shakespeare garden Richard enlightened us on the wonders of the flora of the Gardens and how they were portrayed in the world of literature.  An aspect that we wouldn’t have thought about. Thank you, Richard


After Richard finished the provided tour, we toured 3 pavilions on our own.  We encountered incredible plant species from desert, tropical and warm temperate climates housed in even more incredible exhibit buildings.

20171010 IMG_5307 7D Rainforest


We were only able to see a small part of this magnificent botanical paradise.  We left behind 7 gardens, several collections and esplanades.  We will return but next time devote enough time to see it all.

20171010 IMG_5188 7D Botanical Lilly Artist

If you have thought of visiting the BBG, we recommend it.  Check the schedule as the hours change seasonally and go on Tuesday.  The admission is free.



20171010 IMG_5266 7D an intersting tree

For info: Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

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  1. Great post! I’m terrible sorry to hear JAM has been under the weather, though I’m glad to hear she’s now on the mend and has been released from quarantine. 😉 We love BBG, having visited many times. Another favorite of ours is NYBG, which we visit regularly. If you haven’t been, and you enjoyed BBG, you’ll definitely want to pencil that in.

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