Fall is Playing Her Pranks Again

Fall has been playing tricks again.  Like a pixie taunting us, she has come and gone, mostly undetected, hiding under a veil of unseasonable warmth.  But she comes at night when we are sleeping, leaving behind her pixie dust in the tops of trees and dropping her paint on the leaves of shrubs.

20171013 IMG_5685 7D Shakespheares Garden small
Central Park

Here is our evidence that although Fall is not clearly showing her face, she has been visiting.

20171013 IMG_5560 7D Central park Near W72 small

Meanwhile, we patiently await her full display of color.

20171013 IMG_5618 7D Tip on the Ramble Bridge small
Tip on the Ramble Bridge
20171013 IMG_5600 7D Looking South across the Lake small
Central Park


20171013 IMG_5598 7D Tip on Wooden Oak Bridge small
Wooden Oak Bridge, Central Park
20171013 IMG_5575 7D View from Oak Bridge small
Ducks on The Lake
20171013 IMG_5563 7D Bow Bridge small
Bow Bridge, Central Park
20171013 IMG_5553 7D View from central park 1 small
Central Park

20171013 IMG_5591 7D Bird in Central park small20171013 IMG_5589 7D Squirrel in Central Park small

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