Who Let the Dogs Out?

Parade day arrived and the morning was spent getting ready.  The the contestants put on their best and favorite costumes.  They woke their people, showered them, fed them, put them in their costumes and trotted them down to Tomkins Park.

The crowd came, the judges judged and the puppies paraded their people around the park.

20171021 IMG_6152 7D green monster
Green Monster

As the contestants sashayed down the paths and around the park, the crowd took photos of the costumed contestants with their people.  The puppies would pose, smile and say thank you.  They didn’t really smile and say thank you, but they did sniff around for some kind of treat in the pockets of the picture takers.

This was such a fun event that words will not do it justice, so we’ll just let the pictures tell this story. 20171021 IMG_6096 7D crisscross

We would have missed this if not for our new friends, The Madhatters, Justin and Lynn.  They are bloggers covering New York City who inspire us to see, do and eat in NYC and beyond.  They have offered many good suggestions for us to explore.  You may want to check out their blog at madhattersnyc.com.

20171021 IMG_6201 7D Popeye

20171021 IMG_6302 7D Hippie small
Hippie Dog
20171021 IMG_6221 7D marley small
20171021 IMG_6206 7D Drool sm
20171021 IMG_6191 7D Yellow Submarine
Yellow Submarine
20171021 IMG_6181 7D RainDog
Rain Cloud
20171021 IMG_6125 7D Meatballs
Spaghetti and Meatballs
20171021 IMG_6121 7D bomber
20171021 IMG_6067 7D Shark Dog
20171021 IMG_6073 7D sniffs
Lobster Sniff
20171021 IMG_6092 7D ice cream sunday
Ice Cream Sunday
20171021 IMG_6101 7D Jamican Hound
Regae and Superman
20171021 IMG_6155 7D Lil Witch
Petite Witch
20171021 IMG_6172 7D Jockey rider
Jockey rider

20171021 IMG_6269 7D a tompkins

8 thoughts on “Who Let the Dogs Out?

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  1. Fantastic pictures!!! They really told the story for those of us (like myself) who were unable to attend! I am so sad to have missed this event for the THIRD year in a row (ugh!) but hopefully next year I’ll make my way over. The Rain Cloud and the Jockey were adorable!

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  2. You two are very sweet for giving us that shout-out. Thank you! And this post has so many great pics! But how on earth did we have a chance meet up on a subway, but didn’t see each other when we attended the same parade?! 🙃

    Liked by 2 people

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