Fall Came and Brought Her Colors

The chill comes unexpectedly, as if it is hidden in a summer breeze.  While it is difficult to describe, you know it when you feel it.  In that moment you know summer is dancing her swan song and winter is preparing for her debut.

20171028 IMG_6765 7D small

For me, those moments are filled with regret for the loss of warm breezes, summer laughter, and the hope that comes on the rays of sun shining through bright clouds.  Simultaneously, there is a sense of anticipation of the colors that fall will bring, the spirit of Halloween fun, the smells of Thanksgiving, Christmas lights glistening in the cold, families gathering to share their love.

20171028 IMG_6747 7D couple on the lake small

Autumn came late this year, reluctant to show her beauty.  Perhaps it was stage fright, maybe she slept in, but she finally arrived just in time to see the close of October.

20171028 IMG_6828 7D Couples in the park - fall sm

She came riding on a wind coming from across the Hudson, the kind of wind that causes leaves to dance in swirls on the sidewalk and blows my hair in all directions, so I am looking through a veil of jousting strands.

20171028 IMG_6834 7D Beauty in the cove sm

Then I awoke one day to find it.  Timid as it was, the evidence of her paintbrush, swept across the hills and along the shores. Fall is here. It’s a brief time to enjoy her pleasures.

20171028 IMG_6793 7D Tip eod sm

20171028 IMG_6691 7D small

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