Cyclone Snow Bomb

2018 0104 IMG_2974

We are told we just experienced a Cyclone Snow Bomb.  Not sure exactly what it is, but whatever it was it’s COLD!

2018 0104 IMG_7001

The weather maps show a hurricane (or maybe it was a cyclone) off the east coast.  The effects of the hurricane were amplified by a “Noreaster”.

While we dont understand the meteorological implications, here is what we know…

2018 0104 IMG_7014

Wind gusts over 40 MPH.

IMG_6993[1] white out

White Out conditions with zero visibility.


Eight inches of snow.

2018 0104 IMG_7031

Record snow in Central Park.

2018 0104 IMG_2973

Temperatures in the teens.

2018 0104 IMG_2970

Wind chills sub zero.

2018 0104 IMG_7015


We have not seen 32 degrees since Christmas.

2018 0104IMG_7012 snow

We are searching online for tickets to the Bahamas.

2018 0104 IMG_7005






3 thoughts on “Cyclone Snow Bomb

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  1. Search all you want, but I don’t think the airports are open. . . .
    BTW, Tip, I think it was awesome of you to pose in most of the pictures – I didn’t know you got a snowblower for Christmas! ; ). 😘

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  2. You went out in it!! Oh man! Brave and these great photos seem worth the frostbite risk, eek! If you get those tic for the weekend, we will all be sooooo jealous (fortunately it’s supposed to come back to 30s/40s after that)!

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