It is January 1.  New Years Day. A new beginning. A clean slate.

What will this year bring?  What do I hope for?

Affect the things I can, accept those I cannot.

I live life by this acronym:  TOPCAFE.

T: Thanks and gratitude.

Give thanks to God everyday for the blessings around me.  People in my life, opportunities I am given, the ability to find goodness when the world seems harsh. The new adventures I will face.

20171023 IMG_6329 7D Gratitude.jpg

O: Opportunities

Seek out opportunities to be happy, and act on them.  Sometimes it is easy to overlook the opportunities that are staring me in the face.  They seem camouflaged. If I look hard enough I can see them.  This year I will try to actively look for these every day.

Acting is another subject.  I wish I had a penny for every opportunity that was staring me down, then I closed my eyes and moved on.  This year I will work on being brave enough to act on opportunities.

20171013 IMG_5589 7D Squirrel in Central Park

P: People

It is all that really matters. Loved ones that I talk to less often than I should. Friends that I have forgotten to tell how important they are to me.  New acquaintenances.  Strangers.  This year I will try to smile at more strangers, express my appreciation for others and remember that this life is about how we treat others.

C: Commitments.  This is about integrity, fulfilling promises made, and being responsible.

IMG_8240_SX dog wearing shoes sm

A: Art and Expression. More art and expression =  less drama and hostility.

IMG_9981 7D 6c.jpg

F: Financial

Taking care of business.  Making careful and responsible decisions.  I don’t need everything now.  More is not always better.  I can appreciate without owning. Less is more.

IMG_9019 sx530 more wet

E: Energy and Health

This is charging the batteries.  This has elevated in importance as I age. I don’t need to latch on to a crazy diet or routine, just keep it simple. Eat more healthy foods than unhealthy ones.  Get some kind of exercise every day. See the doctor from time to time, get a flu shot.


I know better than to put strict rules on myself New Years Day.  My goal this year is keep things simple, be happy, try to do what is right, and be thankful for the life I have been given.

12092017IMG_9195 7D tree in sheeps meadow sm

Wishing you YOUR best self in 2018.


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