We’re Back!

Like so many New Yorkers, the cold, the gray and longing for family and friends called us from the City in January.

01072018 IMG_9862 7D icy morning on the hudson sm.jpg

Our son came to experience the snow and cold shortly after the Cyclone Snow Bomb, then we headed south to the balmy temperatures of Texas.


It was great revisiting family, catching up with friends, and reminding our taste buds of the great tastes of the southwest.

01232018 IMG_9986 7D grandma jerry sm.jpg

We enjoyed Texas barbecue at least twice, ate biscuits and gravy on several occasions, and made the rounds to enjoy some of our favorite restaurants.


Now that February has arrived we are joyful to be back in our little apartment with the surroundings of the city we love.

IMG_7462 ny fog sm

This morning I awoke to the Norwegian Breakaway pulling into the pier outside our window.  It felt good to be back.

02022018 IMG_9310 7D sm

Happy Groundhog Day… gotta run to Central Park to see if I can find a groundhog!


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  1. Hi there I am a new follower…..love NY I am from Ct but live in Naples Fla now I so miss getting on the train and spending the whole day just having fun. We have so many visitors here from the North but its been kind of cold here in the 40s some days. Wow you must have a great view from your apt enjoy being back to NY! Lisa @ Sweet Tea N’ Salty Air

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