The Feel of Night

What is it about the night that makes the world look so different?  Walking at night is one of the things I love most about New York.

20180513 IMG_0103 6D night walk sm

As sunset fades deep in the City, new life is breathed into the streets as mammoth digital billboards light the streets with colored air and flicker sponsored ads across the landscape. This is where the moniker is born, the city that never sleeps.

20180513 IMG_0082 6D times square 2 sm

Away from the madness a soft breeze sweeps across the avenues, bringing moisture from the Hudson.  The misty air creates halos around the streetlamps.

20180513 IMG_0118 6D Ardesia sm

Shadows move in strange directions formed by cross lights.  A tree lit with mini lights welcomes those who share its path.

04022017 IMG_3902iPhone sm

The crowds are gone and those who remain find an unspoken community, sharing a friendly glance as they pass.  Dog walkers, lovers, restaurant delivery and insomniacs all share the quiet darkness.

04162017 IMG_8592 7D night walk

As the dew from the night air dampens the City and the sidewalks reflect the glow of neon lights from nearby restaurants. There is a magical feel as the City relaxes to appreciate another day.

20180513 IMG_0111 6D taboules c sm

12192017 IMG_9579 7D empire state from rooftop

3 thoughts on “The Feel of Night

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  1. Everyone always mentions the hustle and bustle, and above all, the noise of the city. I have to keep explaining to about the charms of the city at night. Sure, it can be… crazy…but those quiet interludes, when you can hear your own breathing and the hum of the street lights, they’re divine.

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  2. i liked this one very much! Sounds like a sound!! Find an agent!!! you are too talented to let it go unsung!!!!
    maybe the money you make will keep you in your favorite place!!

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