The Bad Portrait Artist

We are busy exploring this week. Thought you might enjoy one of our more popular posts. We visited Central Park last week and found Joey McDevitt in the same location. Be sure to visit him this summer.

Tip and JAM in Wonderland

We were leaving Strawberry Fields, the John Lennon tribute in Central Park.  There is a crowd every day, despite the weather, all day long, despite the time.  Everyone is having a picture taken sitting next to the Imagine mosaic.  There is a crowd around the mosaic waiting their turn for a photo.  The area is surrounded by park benches, full of tourists watching this spectacle unfold.

On one of the benches nearby, a local is belting out Beatle songs on an acoustic guitar.   His guitar case is laying open on the ground holding a half dozen dollar bills.  He nods a thank you to each contributor dropping their money into his coffer.  The whole scene seems more reverent than commercial.IMG_8723 7D bad portrait artist sm

A few steps down the path sits a young man, a little disheveled, a few days from his last shave.  He has a homemade easel set up that reads: Bad Portraits…

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