I’m Shameless

Okay, I’m guilty, even before we get started, but I am an artist, and sometimes we are shameful self-promoters.

For those of you living outside The City, the first Thursday in each month is known as Gallery Crawl.  Most galleries in the area open their doors, provide offerings of cheese and wine, and promote their latest exhibits to the world.  It is a fun evening for the serious buyer or the casual observer who just wants the free wine.

Thursday, August 2 is my turn to participate.  I have eight pieces appearing in a show, Expressions of Life, at the Montserrat Contemporary Art Gallery in Chelsea.  For me, this is a big event.

promotion card

Montserrat Contemporary Art Gallery opened in Soho in 1989, across from the New Museum.  In 2005 the gallery moved to its current location, 547, W. 27th street in Chelsea where it shares a building with a collection of galleries.

My work is photography based digital art. Most are compiled from dozens of photographs and combined with additional colors and textures.

If you are in the area I hope you will drop by between 6:00-8:00, if for nothing more than the cheese and wine.  – JAM


My Gallery:  www.jammckay.com

My Art Blog: www.jamshotsphotography.com  

1 Confidence on Black 10x13


8 thoughts on “I’m Shameless

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  1. How did opening night go, JAM? That’s awesome! I had hoped to make it last week but was feeling the effects of the strep/mono pretty terribly (unbeknownst to me that it was strep/mono lol), so unfortunately wasn’t able to make it. I hope to swing by and see the show before it’s over!


      1. I’m so glad you had a blast! Do keep me posted if you’re in the gallery area again and I’ll try my best to swing by and say hello. Feeling MUCH better, thankfully – thank YOU for the positive vibes! ❤

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