Please Stand Clear of the Closing Doors!

Subways are probably the number one target of complaint for New Yorkers.  Apparently we haven’t lived here long enough to develop the aversion, rather we continue to be fascinated by a system, that is able to move so many people and which is easily accessible from almost anywhere in Manhattan.

20171121 171121 IMG_6637 sm

Although there are frequent (warranted) complaints, the subways provide relatively cheap transportation throughout the boroughs, and they are filled with stories and hidden treasures.

08252017 IMG_5626 smOur fascination has driven frequent research when we discover something unusual in a station.  Recently we joined up with a tour group to piece together the fragments of our research.

We thought we would share some of our favorite tidbits. Play along and see how many of these you already know…

1. How many people ride the NYC subway each year?

IMG_6145e subway riders sm

1.7Billion.  That is the equivalent of more that 5 rides per person in the U.S.

2.  Which station is adorned with small brass statues, mostly of little fat guys carrying coins?

20180327 IMG_0830 7D tom otterness small

The 14th st/8th Ave station. These statues were commissioned by the city in the 90s for $200,000, and are part of a permanent installation titled Underground Life.  The artist is Tom Otterness, who has other installations around the city.

3. This grand station was built with extravagant grandeur to showcase modern travel, only to be decommissioned 40 yrs later.  What station is it, and why was it closed?

20180728 IMG_2735 6D city hall sm

The City Hall station sits at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge and was originally built to impress.  This beautiful station was built with roman brick walls, leaded glass windows, brass chandeliers and vaulted arches.  The station, completed in 1904 was decommissioned in 1945 as trains became longer and were no longer able to negotiate the tightly curved track.    Although the station is closed you can see remnants while riding the 6 train where it terminates near city hall.

4. What hotel had a private entrance to a busy station?

20180728 IMG_2829 6D knickerbocker sm.jpg

The Knickerbocker. This grand hotel offered a special convenience to their guests, with the door opening into the 42nd street station.  The hotel closed after the death of John Astor on the Titanic.  The door is still marked, but sealed.

5. Many subway stations are adorned with ceramic reliefs designating the station.  Why were beavers chosen as the identifying mark for this station?

20180728 IMG_2797 6D astor place beaver sm

Astor Place station on the green line is home for these beavers.  They are intended to represent beaver pelts that made John Astor wealthy.

6. What Major Sports team name is related to the MTA?

20180728 IMG_2808 6D abandoned traks sm

Around 1891, the Brooklyn Rapid Transit moved from using horse drawn trolleys to fast moving electric powered trolley cars.  As such, pedestrians hadn’t learned the habit of looking both ways when crossing the street.   If you stepped out in front of a horse, the horse would typically just stop in its tracks. An electric trolley car, however, would not.  In 1893, fifty-three pedestrians were killed by the trolleys.  Soon, newspaper sports writers dubbed the Brooklyn base ball team, the Trolley Dodgers.  The name stuck and became official in 1933.

7. What does the double B on this ceramic relief represent?

20180728 IMG_2769 6D BB sm

If you guessed Brooklyn Bridge, you are close, but incorrect. Here is the Brooklyn Bridge representation…

20180728 IMG_2762 6D bb-city hall sm.jpg

The double B was the emblem is found under City Hall near the original station.  It was the logo used by Brooklyn Rapid Transit that ran some of the NYC Transit lines from 1896-1923.  The IRT operated competing lines.  In 1940 the city took control of the lines which were experiencing financial difficulty.

8. Do rats REALLY live in the subway?

20170704 IMG_4714 sm

Of Course they do!

So how many did you know?  Hoping this was fun and informative!

Safe travels – “Please stand clear of the closing doors!”

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  1. Fantastic post! I didn’t know most of those subway facts, found the Brooklyn Dodgers tidbit particularly fascinating (funny? tragic?) Gives me a new appreciation for something that I USUALLY just grumble about lol.

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