Life is a Cabaret!

What good is sitting alone in your room?  Put down that knitting, your book and your broom, go hear the music play!  Go taste the wine, go hear the band!  It’s time for celebrating, hurry now, your table’s waiting!


Cabaret is known around the world as a place to celebrate with friends and enjoy close-up, in person performances.  It is the place to go to escape the griefs of the world, to give way to the lull of music, to scoff at our ills and to forget, for a while, of the troubles in the world.  Where better to celebrate a cabaret than New York City.

Recently we were honored to share such an evening with a friend who we met as a chance encounter on Governors island while walking the hills one beautiful fall day.  Nancy is one of those people quickly recognized as someone special.  She is a refined woman, full of wonder and her eyes sparkle as she shares stories of music, history, and people.  Her husband is equally interesting in his own way.

Nancy -Mystical sm

As we opened the door and descended the stairs of Feinstein’s 54 Below, we felt as if we had stepped into Broadways golden era.  The interior of this space (previously the basement of famous Studio 54), has been reinvented by some of Broadways most noted designers.  The red leather chairs, velvet draperies, small tables gathered around a softly lit stage holding a polished Steinway, set the mood for an evening of luxurious entertainment.  It did not disappoint.

IMG_9720 sm


The stories shared in song by Bebe Neuwirth, the food and the friends were all amazing.

As I reflected on this evening of pleasure I thought of our troubled world, the grind of daily living, the anger, hardships and disappointments in our lives.   I was reminded that we all need to let go of life’s troubles, worries and cares, even if it is just for one evening.

IMG_0308 sm-Edit

Start by admitting from cradle to tomb
Isn’t that long a stay
Life is a cabaret, old chum
And I love a cabaret!


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