The High Seas of New York City

Ahoy, Mate!  Climb aboard.  The Navy is ready to set sail!  Well, not set sail….start paddling…..and it’s not the Navy….it’s me and JAM and our friend Laurie.

Kayaking on the Hudson

New York City does an outstanding job providing for its citizens and one of the many things provided is kayaking in the Hudson River.  It’s free, it’s fun, and it offers beautiful views of the Manhattan skyline from a totally different perspective.

City View from the Hudson

The Manhattan Community Boathouse provides 1 and 2 person kayaks, paddles and life vests for wannabe sailors.    Only requirement is to know how to swim, wear the life jacket at all times, and sign a liability waiver.

Pier 96 Boathouse
Pier 96 Boathouse

If getting into the Hudson sounds like a suicide mission, ease your fears.  This is not your Daddy’s Hudson.  The river has been cleaned up since the 1990’s and today, it is (somewhat) clean, vibrant and alive with activity.

20180915 IMG_0502 tipi esm

We were ready to sail.  We climbed into our kayaks and eased away from the dock.  It was amazing how quickly we fell into a rhythm and were paddling around the bay area like professional sailors.  It was remarkable how easily the kayaks cut through the water.

20180915 IMG_9973 PS esm

The sights and scenery will make you say “Wow!” Out loud.

Looking across the river, at water level, you see the Weehawken shoreline. Turning around, you gaze upon the ever-changing skyline of Midtown Manhattan.

20180915 IMG_9964 PS esm
Weehawken Shore from Hudson River

Go.  Yes, you’ll get a little wet, but it’s worth it.  Until October 7 at Pier 96, 56th Street in Hudson River Park, weekends, 10am – 6pm.  You will love the experience.

A good time awaits you.

Your Kayak is Waiting
Your Kayak is Waiting

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