Catacombs, Tombs and Souls

Exploring the history in New York has become a major pastime for us.  There is something about walking through structures 200 years old, hearing the tales of the past, and imagining ourselves living in another century.

00 20180822 IMG_3463 6D old st pats sm


On this day we decided to visit St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral.   We had heard of the catacombs and graveyards and thought a tour might be worthwhile.


As we entered the courtyard at Mott and Prince, we noticed the small windowed gate leading to an ancient graveyard. Some of the headstones are dated in the early 1800s.

20180822 IMG_3466 6D window to the cemetarysm

We learned that the tall, fortress-like wall, and small window provided protection during the early years.  Early America, under the Dutch did not allow Catholicism and there was a lingering anti-Catholic  sentiment.

01 20180822 IMG_3468 6D esm

The wall protected the faithful, the graveyard, and the church from riots that persisted during the early years.

20180822 IMG_3485 6D e2 sm

The basilica, named St. Patricks after the patron saint of Ireland, was built, 1809-1815.  The location, now in the heart of Manhattan, was considered to be countryside, almost to Houston street.  Inside the church, built mostly by Irish immigrants, stained windows and a gilded alter make a statement that this is no ordinary parish.  It was the first Basilica built in America and was built accordingly.

20180822 IMG_3514 6D esm


The church is home to one of the oldest pipe organs in America.  It has a hand crank bellowing system that kept one parishioner busy the entire service.  It has been retro fitted for a mechanical bellowing system, so the parishioner gets the day off.

Beneath the church, beneath the basement lie the catacombs.

20180822 IMG_3524 6D e catwalk sm

Centering our focus on respect for the deceased, the tour proceeded by candlelight, lending an eerily surreal mood to the tour.

20180822 IMG_3546 6D esm

Names of the deceased are etched into the walls as we walk quietly through the tunnels.

20180822 IMG_3590 6D family vault esm

St Patrick’s old cathedral has since been replaced by the larger St. Patrick’s cathedral on 5th avenue.  The old cathedral continues to function as a local parish, rich in history and serving a diverse community.

20180822 IMG_3511 6D esm

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  1. This tour sounds so interesting and I love how you captured the night pictures. It’s hard to imagine it was ever a countryside here! Glad to know it’s still functioning even after the new one was built and they’re able to preserve so much of the history.

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