The Sunset That Never Came

Fall is arriving and this week we were blessed with the beautiful days of Indian Summer.  Antsy to leave the apartment one evening, we checked the windows to see the golden rays of sun beginning to cast long shadows.  It took a few seconds before we decided to watch the sunset over the Hudson, along the promenade just south of Brookfield.

20180926 IMG_4720 7D esmBrookfield Place is an upscale shopping and event center near the One World Observatory and connected to the Oculus by underground tunnels.

20180717 IMG_2534 6D esmFor a shopping center, the architecture and design are remarkable, inviting, and memorable.  I especially love the center room of steps surrounded by palm trees.


20180717 IMG_2533 6D esmTo the east of Brookfield is the 9-11 Memorial, to the West is the Hudson, and to the south, the area is flanked by a wide, open plaza bedecked with restaurants.  Beyond, stylish sailboats are anchored in private boat slips.

20180926 IMG_4718 7D esmBeyond the slips the plaza connects with a promenade that follows the river, winding through parkways and meandering past the mouth of the Hudson, where it eventually connects with Battery Park and offers some of the best Manhattan views of the Statue of Liberty.

20180523 IMG_0542 6D more promenade smTaking our time, we walked the plaza choosing our favorite of the docked boats, enjoying the playful music coming from the open aired restaurants, and watching people enjoying their activities.

20180926 IMG_4725 7D esmWhen we finally found our place on a park bench looking across the Hudson to the Jersey City skyline, dark clouds began to gather from the west.

20180926 IMG_4763 7D e aida diva esmSoon, there was a strong line between the sunny day we had been experiencing and the storms that were descending upon us.

20180926 IMG_4737 7D esmAs the rains came we walked back inside Brookfield, crossed the underground tunnel to the subway and found our way back home.

20170911 IMG_4485 7DesmThe clouds may have blocked our sunset, but it was a beautiful evening in NYC.

20180523 IMG_0541 6D promenade sm

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