Broadway is down the street.  About 7 blocks south and 3 blocks east.  Ars Nova is not just off Broadway, it is down the street and around the corner, and in a lot of ways, a world away. We found another venue to check out.  Ars Nova is a theater dedicated to giving new emerging... Continue Reading →

The Magic of Greenwich Village

If I had only one Saturday afternoon to spend in Manhattan, I think I would choose to spend it in Washington Sq. Park at Greenwich Village.  This is a place where everyone can be themselves, or in some cases, who they would like to be. Let’s start with Greenwich Village the neighborhood.  Once the home... Continue Reading →

Gettin’ Around Town

We have been testing the options for getting around town.  We love the walking, it puts us on the streets where we can see the people, and notice the little things that might easily be missed, but it is slow and there is a limit to how far we can roam.   The subway is faster, but... Continue Reading →

Live with Kelly

We were fortunate enough to get tickets to see Live with Kelly.  You have to sign up for tickets on-line and get either priority or general.  Because of my connections and influence, we got general.  This show plays live and it starts at 9 am Eastern.  Lining up for getting in starts at 7:15 am... Continue Reading →

MTA and the Bull

We have pretty much got our neighborhood down.   If we want or need something, we have figured out which direction and how far we need to go to get it.  Well, we now are ready to branch out and broaden our horizons. The MTA operates the mass transit system throughout New York City.  The subways... Continue Reading →

Saturday In the Park

Saturday morning, we are sleeping in.  Snoozing listening to the morning news, and thinking about getting up to fix breakfast.  Coffee is already brewing.  The Saturday anchor is sharing small talk, mostly good things that are happening in the city.  Next story up he mentions an annual pillow fight at Washington Square in the afternoon. ... Continue Reading →

Frogs in the Garden

It was about 3pm in the afternoon.  I was looking for the scores of the NIT basketball tournament to see how TCU had fared the night before.  TCU had won and was in the finals of the National Invitational.  The home town boys were playing right down the street at Madison Square Garden. The Horny... Continue Reading →

Chelsea Highline

Again, we took off walking south.  There is an elevated sidewalk, The High Line Park, that wanders through the tall buildings about 3-4 stories above the streets.  This is a linear park following what is left of an old elevated railroad line.  It is nicely landscaped and is full of tourists taking pictures of the architecture... Continue Reading →

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