Day 3: Ear Krawl

It is said that James Brown was a slave, an aide to General George Washington, and one of the subjects in Emanuel Leutze’s famous painting, Washington Crossing the Delaware.  It is also said that James Brown received his freedom following the Revolutionary War and settled along the banks of the Hudson river where he built a traditional Federal-style home and traded tobacco with men working on the river.

20180905 IMG_3912 6D sm

While there are questions regarding the history of James Brown, the home he built is better documented.  Built in 1817, Brown sold the home in 1830 and the house served as an apothecary and grocery.

20180905 IMG_3921 6D esm

Meanwhile city landfill extended the banks of the river and the building was no longer on its banks. Piers were added, resulting in more traffic from longshoremen and sailors.

20180905 IMG_3925 6D esm So, in 1893 Thomas Cloke bought the building and opened a tavern.

20180905 IMG_3918 6D esmDuring prohibition the building operated namelessly, known simply as “The Green Door”, and functioned as speakeasy masquerading as a restaurant.  It’s reputation for welcoming sailors gave it no need for a name.

20180905 IMG_3907 6D esm

In the 1970’s the bar was purchased by a Columbia student who was also the publisher of a music magazine called Ear.  This prompted him to modify a long standing neon “BAR” sign affixed to the front of the tavern.  By painting out the edges of the “B”, he changed the name to “EAR INN”, aligning it with his magazine.

20180905 IMG_3906 6D smIt was during that time that John Lennon liked to frequent the bar.

We found the place to be warm, comfortable and friendly.  It had a bit of a “cheers” feel to it.  The warm wooden floors and chairs gave it a homey feel, while looking at the impressive collection of memorabilia, keepsakes, and trinkets led us to wonder, “Who left all of this behind?”

20180905 IMG_3922 6D smIn 1969 the city designated the James Brown House a landmark.  In 1983 it was added to  National Register of Historic Places

20180905 IMG_3911 6D smYou will find Ear Inn at 326 Spring street in Soho.

20180905 IMG_3897 6D ear inn sm

Getting there:

From the C take the  Spring Street exit, head West on Spring Street, cross Greenwich St. The Bar will be on the left.

From the 1, exit on Houston Street, Walk Varick Street south to Spring Street, right on Spring Street, crossing Greenwich Street.


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